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Phlebotomy Ink Training and Staffing Agency LLC

Get the training you need to succeed!!!!!

Phlebotomy Ink Community Outreach Prevention and Education

"PICOPE" is a non-profit organization that focuses on kids from age six years old to young adulthood.

We are here to provide a safe environment, education, counseling, and mentorship. Our mission is to reach them young and provide a stable foundation through counseling, mentoring, Allied HealthCare education and training courses that will lead to productive adulthood. With our HealthCare Training School and Wellness Clinic/Lab, we have an established foundation in the healthcare workforce that will aid in reaching part of our mission thought training and certification and on-site training in our clinic.  

If you would like to partner with us or donate, please contact us via email or phone.



[email protected]

"It's time to make a difference"